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Late one evening in the summer of 1975, Ron Gregory, the evening disc jockey on WOWO radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana, received a peculiar telephone call. The caller identified himself as Skunk-Guy, a new superhero in town.

Ron was faced with a decision, he could either hang up on the prank caller, or he could talk to him on the air, he opted for the latter.

Thus it began. . .

For several months, Skunk-Guy could be spotted around town.

He could even be seen rubbing elbows with some of the local celeberties.

It was at this early stage that the Fort Wayne police force dubbed him "The Black Knight".

He would call in to Ron’s show periodically, to fill him, and the rest of the city, in on his latest escapades.


One day on her way to the radio station, Carol Ford, the late night DJ, who replaced Ron at 11:00 pm, had spotted Skunk-Guy on the street prowling around, and excitedly invited him to call her on the air. He became a semi-regular from that point on. It was, at this time, that the formation of the Skunk Scouts occurred. On her birthday Carol was sworn in, on the air, as the first official Skunk Scout. As the spark of skunk mania was beginning to glow, Carol deemed it necessary to move on. It would be up to her replacement, to carry the mantle of den mother to a wild bunch of Skunk Scouts.

Enter Maureen Mecozzi

Maureen established the After Midnight Club, in which she opened up her phone lines after 12:00 am. Whoever wanted to, could call in and shoot the breeze. (A precursor to the modern day all talk radio format.) This gave Skunk-Guy Carte Blanche to report in regularly several times a week. A unique rapport developed between the two, and interest in Skunk Scouting actually began to grow.

Like Carol, before her, Maureen was sworn in over the air on the anniversary of her birth. (The number of the actual birthday celebrated remains cloaked in mystery.)

Maureen began to direct any and all inquiries about joining this elite group of crime fighters. The Hey-Day of the Skunk-Squad was off and running.

Enrollment into the skunk squad was accelerated by a young listener in Jackson Center, Ohio. Her name was Maria Toomey. She had written in with great enthusiasm and was delighted when Skunk-Guy had promised to swear her in on the air.

Maria's letter opened the door for other listeners to write in and express their loyalty to crime fighting and all things stinky.

Athough Skunk-Guy was running about at this time he was in dire need of an origin story. Many senarios were contemplated. The story was reworked many times. A Super 8mm film involving hairy green aliens was filmed and a radio script was submitted to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Each one was a different twist on the theme.

The actual backstory for this smelly character was a continued work in progress.

Skunk-Guys notoriety was expanding. He had been asked to speak at The Apollo Toast Masters in Toledo Ohio, He was asked to endorse The Dock Street Exploritorium in Ft. Wayne. Skunk-Guy even adopted his own unofficial theme song; Green Onions by Booker T. & The MGs.

As the momentum of it all was still climbing Skunk-Guy received a letter that changed everything. Maureen had accepted a position at a Wisconsin radio station.

The door had closed on the Skunk-Squad and the Stinking Stalker became a vague legend.

Until. . .

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