30 Years Later

The legend is rebooted for the new millenium.

A serious overhaul of the character and the legacy was needed to appeal to modern readers.

Design by Maeghan Looney

The artistic design of the character was scrutinized against what was now popular. Adapting the costume to fit in with the entertainment of the time, such as "Anime", was considered.

Ultimately it was decided that the costume would fit in to the modern culture quite nicely with very little adjusting.

One major redesign that was needed was to update the old skunk logo. Morphing it into a more sleek and stylish symbol.

Extensive notes were made to create the perfect origin story. Characters were created and developed based on many of the actual people involved with Skunk-Guy's past escapades.

It was from those notes that the first Skunk-Guy novel was drafted.

Skunk-Guy's Godmother.

Actress, Director, Playwright and Editor. When asked to edit and critique the manuscript for the first Skunk-Guy novel Lauren immediately caught the vision of the material. Yet she had strong reservations and many recommendations that would transform the material into the delightful story that would capture the imagination of its young readers.

A bizarre lawn mowing accident is the catalyst that sets into motion the aromatic adventures of this fuming crusader.

Given the identity of 14 year old Norman Flinch, Skunk-Guy comes to life in his first chapter book for young readers.

Two other books soon followed each adding elements based on the real exploits to complete the trilogy of Skunk-Guys official origin story.

Experiments in various media were explored to continue the legacy, including calendars and trading cards.

Even an on line comic book is in development.

Michael now grown up enjoys meeting the readers of his Skunk-Guy books. He visits schools and reading camps where he signs copies of his books and reads passages for the young crowd. He is often accompanied by his daughter Josette who now dons the old Skunk-Guy suit and presents the hero to a new generation.

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